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UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 APK Available for Download

UberSocial for Android is one of the best Twitter client app for android. This app lets you to stay connected with your Twitter on your android phone or tablet. The current version of the app is UberSocial for Android 7.1.0. You can download it for free via Android Market. UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 comes with some new features and improvements. It will make the app be so enjoyable to use.

Ubersocial for android 7.1.0 apk

UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 Details and Features

UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 has many feature to make you enjoy stay connected with your Twitter account. This app also support for multiple Twitter account in on e device. So, you don’t need to logout. Besides that, UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 also allows you to customize Twitter notifications and many more. Here are the features of UberSocial for Android including the recent changes:

  • Multiple Twitter account support
  • Customized Twitter notifications
  • Conversation thread view
  • Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Multiple widgets
  • Retweet with or without comment
  • TMI/Twitlonger service
  • Twitter lists
  • Integrated Tweet and user search functionality
  • Tweets near you
  • Fully customizable UberBar .
  • Pull-to-refresh as well as shake-to-refresh.
  • “Mute” feature.
  • LivePreview™.
  • New features such as ShrinkTweet, and Insert Symbol.
  • (New) 4×4 desktop widget displays Tweets, Mentions and Direct messages
  • (Update) Removed second launcher icon (Twidroyd robot)
  • (New) Added option to disable Pull-to-refresh
  • (New) Added inline preview support for images
  • (FIX) Possible crash during startup
  • (FIX) Context menu in Retweets not showing up

Download UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 APK

Finally, are you interested to download UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 APK. You can get it directly to your android device via android market app. Below is the link to download apk file.

Download UberSocial for Android 7.1.0 APK

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