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List of Tips for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 New Users

Galaxy Tab 10.1 tipsSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the most popular android tablets. It’s expected to be the competitor of iPad 2. Even, Galaxy Tab 10.1 has something more than iPad 2. In this article, we want to share list of tips for Galaxy Tab 10.1 new users. That means, if you are new with your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you seem must read it to know the guide how to use Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Here are list of tips for you who are new with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Firstly, make sure that you have already switch on your Galaxy Tab. And now, you are on your homescreen.

1. Manage Widget, Shortcut and Wallpaper

If this is your first time with your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will see some widgets an icons on homescreen. If you are not comfortable with it, you can remove. While, you also can add other widgets.

  • Tap on + symbol on the right top side of the screen
  • There are two parts of menu the screen, the top side is to show all homescreen and the bottom side is for adding widget, wallpaper and shortcut on homescreen.
  • To add it, tap drag the widget/wallpaper/shortcut to the top side
  • To remove, tap and hold the widget/shortcut and drug it to the recycle bin

2. Notification Menu

Different with other android device, the notification for Galaxy Tab 10.1 appears on the right bottom side. To open the notifications, just tap on the battery/time/network logo. There is also Power control option that is used to manage WIFI connection, GPS, SOUND, Auto Rotation, bluetooth dan flight mode.

3. Setting Email in Galaxy Tab 10.1

It’s like when you are using other android device. You also can read our previous post how to setting Yahoo email in Galaxy Tab 10.1. Right, in this honeycomb tablet, you are allowed to use multiple email accounts.

4. Typing special characters

The keyboard on Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports to type some special characters. You ust need to tap and hold some letter and it will show other characters that you can use.

5. How to Use Task Killer

Task Killer on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also like in other android device. It allows you to close and stop running apps quickly.

6. Synchronize Browser with Chrome

This is one of nice feature in Galaxy Tab 10.1. The browser is like Google Chrome on desktop PC. Even, you can synchronize it with your PC. Tap on Setting and select Sync with Google Chrome.

7. Take ScreenShot on Galaxy Tab 10.1

It doesn’t require you to root the device. To make screenshot on Galaxy Tab 10.1, it’s so easy. There is a screenshot menu to grab the screen.

Those are list of the tips for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 new users. Hopefully, it will be useful for you.

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