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How to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with SuperOneClick

how to root samsung galaxy tab

Previously, we’ve ever published tips to root Galaxy Mini. Then, let’s discuss how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, the first android tablet from Samsung. Before rooting this device, just to remind that the handset comes with Android Froyo os, but it has larger screen than android phones. It’s 7 inch android device.

Then, before following our tutorial, we are not responsible if this tutorial doesn’t work for your Galaxy Tab since we just translate this tutorial from an Indonesian android forum. Make sure, all of the steps are being done correctly. If you don’t do it correctly, it might will be harmful for your Galaxy Tab. After that, if you were ready, here are the steps how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Preparation I

  • Your device; Samsung Galaxy Tab 1st generation
  • USB cable to connect it with desktop PC
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab drivers
  • SuperOneClick
  • Desktop PC with Windows os
  • Android Terminal Emulator (download it via Android market for free)

Preparation II

  • Look your Galaxy Tab model on the side back of the handset, i.e: SPH-P100
  • Search and download the driver from Samsung Support, then install in into your desktop
  • Download and install¬†SuperOneClickv1.7 from this link, then extract it
  • Turn on your Galaxy Tab before connect it with your desktop, go to Settings > Application > Development and activate USB debugging
  • Connect your device with desktop using USB

Rooting Galaxy Tab Process

  • Run¬†SuperOneClick.exe which you’ve downloaded
  • Click on the “Root” button and wait
  • After the notification of Rooting has successfully done, click Yes to install Supperuser app
  • Disconnect your device and reboot it

And finish! Now, your Samsung Galaxy Tab already rooted. That is the step by step how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hopefully, it’s useful for you.

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