Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Download FriendCaster Pro Facebook App for Android

Friendcaster Pro androidFriendCaster is one of the best facebook app for android. Like what we’ve ever posted previously, this app was adjusted not only for android phone, but also for android tablet. Friendcaster is available for free at android market. If you are interested, you can download and install it directly from your android device. But, there is also pro version. That’s FriendCaster Pro facebook app for android. Surely, it’s not free to be download.

One of the differences between free and pro version is that Friendcaster Pro comes without ads. While, if you install the free one, you always see an ads be shown below the display. It will not be found in pro version.

Actually, there are other differences between FriendCaster and FriendCaster Pro. Certainly, the pro version will give you more experience with your Facebook account. It’s also more secure with Enforced SSL Encryption, coming with ActionBar UI and many more.

Don’t worry about the price for this app. Recently, we got a link which shows free download Friendcaster Pro Facebook app for android. If you are interested, you can follow the link below to download. Once again! It’s free!

Download Friendcaster for Android

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