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Download TTPOD Music Player 2.6 APK Android

TTPOD Music Player is one of the most popular music player for android. This app is available for free at android market. A few days ago, the developer of this app updated it to TTPOD 2.6. You can download for android at android market, beside you also can download TTPOD 2.6 apk from the link we provide in this post. Then, lets discuss what the features of TTPOD Music Player for Android.

TTPOD Music Player for Android (Features)

You might ask us why TTPOD could be so popular app for android. The answer is that the app comes wit many features which lets you to enjoy your music on your android phone or tablets. Moreover, TTPOD 2.6 android brings new features and improvements which will make the app be more awesome. Here are the main features if the app, including the recent changes in TTPOD 2.6.

  • Custom EQ setting new features
  • Further optimized scanning speed song
  • Optimization process to adjust automatically download pictures, download pictures to improve accuracy!
  • After completing a download prompt notification bar to increase and improve the notification delay time to start the download display problems
  • Optimize play progress adjustable, noise problems when
  • Part of the solution models play the songs sound card problem
  • To solve the problem can not play the final seconds of the song
  • Solve some of the models can not properly lock the screen after playback

download TTPOD 2.6 apk android

Download TTPOD 2.6 APK Android

Below are the links to download TTPOD music player for android. You can download the app directly from android market or download TTPOD 2.6 apk android from the other link.

Download TTPOD via Android Market

Download TTPOD 2.6 APK Android

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