Saturday, October 19, 2013

Download Sniper v1.96 for android, compatible with Galaxy Tab

download sniper v1.96 for Galaxy Tab

Be real sniper by playing this game. That’s Sniper for Android v1.96. This is one ohe most attractive game which work on touchscreen display. I’ve downloaded this game for y ZTE Light Tab, 7 inch android tablet and it work properly. My device runs on Android Froyo os. So, we think that Sniper v1.96 will also work for Galaxy Tab and other android tablet. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether it will work for Honeycomb or not.

Sniper for Android v1.96 let you and your team to be the best anti-terrorist unit in US. You will have a mission to kill a group of terrorists has broken into railway station, even taken some innocent passengers as their hostages. You need to clear all the terrorists as this mission.

If you want to download Sniper for Android v1.96, it’s available for free via or you can download it on the link below. However, we suggest you to try this game on your android device and learn how to be good sniper.

Download Sniper for Android v1.96 here for free.

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