Saturday, October 19, 2013

Download iPhone themes for android phones for free

iPhone theme for android

Looking for iPhone theme for android phone? Here is for you! The name of this theme is Blue Style theme iPhone. It’s compatible with your android phone. According to some sources, this theme works on Motorola: Morrison, Heron, Sawgrass, Sholes; Huawei U8230; Philips V900; Samsung InstinctQ M900, Galaxy I7500 and other phones.

iPhone themes for android is a nice theme which will make the display of your android phone looks like iPhone. It’s so nice with the main color is blue. If you are interested to download this theme, it’s totally free. Download it directly from your android phone and install it.

If you are looking for iPhone theme for android phone, this theme might will be the best. Download it on the link below.

download iPhone theme for android

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